(HELP) My Pc doesnt boot, despite the motherboard lights are on. (More description on the post)

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May 22, 2019
Its quite a long story, but i really tried all i could and if someone knows how to fix it, i will appriciate it a lot. I put a Tldr at the end. This is my pc config:

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One day, like 2 or 3 months ago, i went and tried to boot my pc, but it didnt worked. The motherboard, internet socket and mouse lights were on, but it didn't boot, not even a sound, like the energy didn't reach the pc. I tried to adjust the parts and put the cables right, but it didnt work. After like 1 hour, i tried to turn it on, and it work, it booted normally and it didnt show any performance issues. In the next 2 days, it happened again, same issues, but it got fixed in 10 minutes or so, and it didn't show any problems again, same performance. It worked fine for like a month before it happen again (same issues, didnt boot but the light were on), and it didn't work the whole day. So, the next day, i was going to the store i bought the pc (since i still got warranty) and it happen to boot just before i took. I still took it and went to the store, the guy there boot it, still work. I explain it and he told me that the issue was between the power supply and the motherboard. Since i was planning to upgrade to a better GPU soon, i brought a better PSU (the one i have rn) to see if that power supply was the problem. I think it was a week after, it happen again as i was back from college at the night, so i called the tech guy, he asked me to try some stuff (like changing the cables of the start button, or plugging the power cable directly to the wall) but it didnt work so the next day i took my pc to the store and the guy told me to submit my motherboard to the Asus center so they can see it and fix it. After a week, i was told that they didnt found the issue and they just did a BIOS update. During that week, i upgraded my GPU to the one i have today, and worked great. On week after they gave my motherboard back, i got the same problem. I send it again to the warranty, this time for 2 weeks. They told me that they didnt found the problem at all and just returned to me. That same day, i bought an stabilizer (until then i was using an outlet) to see if that was it. The technician told me that the issue was likely to happen again, and just today, 1 week and 4 days after that, it happen again. At 11:56 am my brother told me it didnt boot, just like before and at 1:51 pm told me it boot again, and it work just as fine.

My warranty its just over, and while the store is still going to help me, ill like to know if this have happen to someone else before and maybe knows how to fix it. I dont want to try to buy something for it to not work again later, since im short of money after the last purchase (the gpu). Im sorry if this is probably poorly written since English is not my first language, so if you dont understand something ill try to fix it. Thanks a lot if you read all of this, and if you know what the problem is or have an idea, please tell me.

Tl;dr: My pc doesnt boot and all the lights are still on. I changed my PSU and GPU, send my motherboard to warranty and use an stabilizer, yet the problem still occurs.
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