Question HELP! My PC turns on but no display shows up whatsoever, and my peripherals (keyboard mouse etc) that have LEDs, turn on then off constantly!

Sep 13, 2019
I will be referring to my keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset as my “Set”, kinda as a shortcut. (They all have LEDs)

So yesterday, I went to turn on my PC after a long day of school. I was ready to game and play some Overwatch. I turned on my PC, and for some reason, the PC internal LEDs turned on, and so did my “Set”. But I got no output from my monitors. Then after about a solid 10-15 seconds, my “Set”’s LEDs turned off randomly, then they each turned back on again one-by-one, but then turned off again, and repeated that process till the PC was turned off. The PC LEDs however stayed on this whole time. Like I said, no display, and my “Set” randomly flickered on and off the entire time I had my PC on....

Please help! I’m very lost and I worked so hard for this PC so if you know how to help me, please don’t hesitate.