Help!! My Wolfdale won't howl!


Feb 12, 2009
Hi all :(

I recently, after much research and a shoestring budget, purchased an E5200 and a GA-EG31M-s2 mobo. Individually they o'c well but when paired i can't o'c more than 205FSB. 206 won't post. 196 will post, 195 won't. SO 5mhz FSB either up and down she wont post at all.. Won't even autorecover... I have to pop bios battery.

After MUCH googling I discovered these two threads, which are the most relevant to me.

these guys essentially have exact prob, neither had a conclusion

I have rev 1.0 of my mobo btw

Other specs:

DDR2 800 jetflash transcend ram
585W Gigabyte ODIN PSU
stock cooling on everything

My plan was to try for 3.0ghz on stock cooling then get a Zalman locally. I have already sourced one.

But hardly worth it for a 5mhz o'c..

Plz help, picked these components as they both were best o'c option for me in my price range.

Btw, I have tried 240 x 12.5 with 667 (changed memory multipliers) cpu is at correct 1.125 stock voltage, ram timings and voltages are correct and other tricks like disabling speedstep (can't remember what my bios calls it) etc