Question Help need in powering a large 220V system fan

I found a system fan (SUNON A2123-HSL) which is pretty heavy and full metal system fan. I assumed that may have been used inside some large-scale servers. I thought of using it as a system fan as it can run in higher rpm but then I had a problem powering this thing as it rated to (220-240V~50/60Hz 0.14/0.12AMP). So, I made a plug head which is (240V 5AMP). Now it’s working but really slow (I don’t think it’s faulty because when I move it while spinning, it actually gets higher RPMs at some points and again become slow) and also get into very high temperature after spin for short period. Highly appreciate if anyone can guide me to power this thing in correct way and get it to the actual RPM.

Fan Information :
if its using such volts to power it up, then operating Hertzs will result in fan speed