HELP!!!! Need to Clone / Transfer, backup on whatever, more than 7 TERABYTES by Morning...

Feb 3, 2019
Of coarse this is my very first question on this site!!! which is the greatest by the way everyone is so great!! thanks for everything,
I just had a WD RED 8TB die this afternoon and it needs to be ready for for work by 0700.est...with all the information i am turning over before my boss leaves on a trip....I am okay on thiat! Thanks to you guys and this site I had a NAS Raid set up and will be able to give my bosses the Other RED 8TB drive..
My question is what is the best/ fastest partitioning / cloning software i can buy.?? I have a Samsung T5 SSD 2TB and i am about to going in i half hour to get another ( I know, it is not my choice at this moment).. the ideal thing to do would be to just get a new RED 8 and drop it in and let it rewrite.... but that will never be finished in time. I am going to have two 2TB SSD drives = (4Tb), and i have a 4Tb Barracuda witch would be nice to get filled but i do not see that happening. If i can get the drives formatted and half the info on there i am sure i will still have a job next week!!
I have the 4tb drive formatting now" at the slowest speed i have ever witnessed" but i honestly do not feel comfortable even taking that course due all the different factors of Raid on one drive, the incorrect Cache ,Speed, Size ETC....
Sorry for the long question, Please if anyone has any ideas or inputs It would be greatly appreciate as it always has !!

resilvering a disk (especially an 8 TB unit) is indeed time intensive, and, if a RAID 5 you are obviously at increased risk of an additional drive failure during the rebuild...

Is your boss taking the entire NAS with him? If you know a replacement drive can't be resilvered in 8 hours (example, I don't know what time you have remaining), then do not attempt it in my opinion...; risk is increased (loss of additional disk in RAID 5 results in loss of all data!), naturally, but, you may have no choice.... Writing to SSDs will save some time, but, reading large amounts of data from spinning media is still time intensive.

Seagate is now offering 3.84 TB on 'NAS SSDs', but, they are not cheap, but, certainly several orders of magnitude faster than spinning media...


Mar 16, 2013

What is on this drive? How much data?

For a NEW drive, you do NOT have to do a full format.
Quick format should only take a minute or two.
Then, copy/paste as needed.

If the 8TB WD Red is dead, what are you copying from?
In what hardware?

What NAS and RAID type is this?
More details, please.