Question Help Needed - 3080Ti with <10% utilisation

Dec 4, 2021
Hope this is the right place. Any help appreciated.

I am time poor with aspirations of playing flight sims in what little spare time I have. I didnt want to muck around building my own and chasing a GPUG so I got a PC assembled by a reputable company in Australia, but am having trouble with any games I have tried to play.

MSFS returns 1 FPS in the menu!
ARMA 3 got me 15 FPS in the tutorials, on the lowest settings (13% CPU utilisation and 2% GPU).

I have updated BIOS, updated drivers and played with endless settings both in game and the Nvidia control panel. No improvement. CPU benchmark returns results in line with the build.

I am wondering if anyone knows of any likely fix, or whether I should just send back to the place I bought it and ask them to fix it. My next step is to try reinstall windows as a last resort.

Specs are:

64Gb DDR4 running 3200.
1tb SSD.
RTX 3080 Ti
Asus Prime Z690-P WIFI D4
Corsair RM850X PSU.
Windows 11 64 bit

EDIT: in case anyone sees this, I have come across a post saying that citrix desktop is causing issues in MSFS. I've been working from home using the same machine, so will uninstall this and try both games again.
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