Help Needed: Computer won't start after short trip upstairs


Feb 11, 2015
I finally set up my room to where I could get an ethernet cable up to it. I brought my PC upstairs, set it on the desk, and opened the case. I proceeded to use a can of compressed air to clean off the dust. I finally got all my peripherals hooked up, then I went to turn it on. I first got an Overclocking error, which is an issue in itself. However, this has happened before, and all it takes is me resetting it to normal then back to oc in the bios. I did this thinking this wasn't a big deal, then started up my computer. It just randomly shut down I turned it on again. It started, but my monitor didn't connect nor did anything else. The RAM LED came on and began blinking, so I reset the RAM using the MemOK! Then my computer started and said my RAM was all set. So i reset to the BIOS again, and booted up. Next I got the BSOD and it said something along the lines of INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE. This happened a couple more times, so i took the whole PC apart and reconnected everything. Now the power button doesn't appear to be working. Sometimes when I hit it, I get a brief flash of lights from my LEDs in my case. Is it possible I shorted something out, did I not connect something? I built this pc 4 or 5 years ago and my mind has forgotten how to do it.