Help needed for newbie


Oct 28, 2009
I recently bought myself my first intel c2c 5200, before i had amd 4400
so i did not bother with much overclocking. I hoped that maybe you could point me in the right directions with multipliers, fsb, voltages etc.

I have here uploaded screenshots (cpuz) of my current overclocking, that my
friend did but i wonder if he did it right, because for example playing fallout 3
keeps showing me error after 5-10 minutes of gameplay. I think
it's caused bu too much heat to the cpu. After throwing me out from the game,
i quickly look at the speedfan and it shows me temperature around 56,
in windows it's usually around 49-50

Intel pentium core 2 duo e5200
motherboard: GigaByte G31M-S2C
Ram: see screenshots for details
slot1: 2048mb PC2-6400(400mhz)
slot2: 1024mb PC2-6400(400mhz)


I think your temps are OK, what is the CPU heatsink you are using? Stock?

I can't download your RAR file, you should host the pics on a site like imgshack or photbucket if you want to share pics.