Help needed immediately on my motherboard


Jan 9, 2012
I posses a a8v-vmse motherboard. two years agowhen i tried to attacha new graphic card it was not detecting. after that i used it for one more year and shifted to intel motherboard because cpu fan was not running and system get stuch after half an hour. so i kept it in the shelf for 6monts or so. when i got time to reconnect it back witha new fan it booted up and xp 2 was running fine. but one problem. it faild to do the post.and not detecting my keyboard and mouse and i connected my mouse through usb also , it didnt worked as well. but the xp is loading and i can see the desktop no problem. then i removed bios battery and restarted the machine and I AMAZED IT IS LOADING WINDOWS WITH OUT THE BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!!! :ouch: :pt1cable: i dont know what to do i know little hardware which i tried already. i s my motherboard gone or is it a simple mistake? please help me....
The machine will boot fine without the CMOS battery, You will have to set the clock each time you restart. All the battery does is supply enough voltage for the CMOS to remember the settings you made in the bios. Without the battery, you just got the factory defaults.