Question Help needed - Installed Cpu Cooler and somehow nearly broke new £1k system, I'm so confused (AMD)...

Apr 30, 2020

I built a new PC a couple months ago, Ryzen5 3600, 5700xt, 2 sticks 8gb corsair vengeance ram, on b450 tomahawak max.

I was getting 90c rendering video with stock cooler so ordered a Cooler Master Hyper RGB Black Edition, and attempted to install today.

I removed the stock cooler easily enough, then as I was screwing in the new cooler, the bottom left screw snapped off inside the bracket, and it doesnt come with spares. I decided to keep going anyway because even with the top two screws and only the bottom right, it felt pretty secure, and I thought it would be ok until I could get a replacement screw from coolermaster.

Once it was all installed, with the cpu fan cable and 4pin rgb cable plugged in, I booted my PC and noticed that there was a solid red LED light on labelled DRAM. All the components powered on, lights on, fans on, etc, but the PC would not send signal to monitor or boot. I tried various things but eventually gave up, removed the new cooler, re-installed the stock cooler, and booted. The dram light came on again, but this time I got a message on my monitor "memory overclocking fail" which prompted me to enter bios. I went through bios, didn't change anything, and the PC booted up fine, and the DRAM LED turned off.

Everything seems to be ok now, as far as I can tell. I'm just wondering if anyone can explain what happened, if there is anything wrong with my PC that I need to address now? And how can I avoid this happening again when I get a replacement cooler?