Question Help needed - PC can't restart sometimes, shuts down instead

Nov 14, 2019

I'm using Windows 10 and sometimes when I try to restart my PC (going to the start menu, clicking on "Restart) it will shutdown instead. It's like the PC tries to restart but for some reason the PSU shuts it all down. I don't know how to get more info about what's going wrong since nothing seems to get logged. I tried unchecking the fast boot option on Windows 10 since that looked like the most obvious thing to me at first but that didn't fix it. I've noticed though that this doesn't happen either when I safe-boot, I press the "reset" button on my case or when I restart using Linux (in these scenarios it seems to restart correctly), but since it only happens sometimes I can't really be sure.

To summarize, tried:
updating all the drivers
windows troubleshooter
checking that the reset acpi cable is well connected
running sfc /scannow
disabled wake on lan function on al lnetwork cards
disabling Windows 10 fast boot

And nothing of these fixed it. I'm having this problem since I built my PC 1 year ago, so I'm assuming it's not a hardware issue since all components are fairly new but I don't know what else to try. Every setting on my BIOS is as default. Hope someone can help me.
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