HELP Needed SSD Speeds ok? (SATAIII SSD on SATAII)


May 20, 2012

Here's an image of what my question is about..

Since a couple of days (16th of may) I have an Mushkin Chronos 120gb SSD.

I already put it on AHCI in bios when I installed Windows and use the AMD AHCI drivers on the page of my motherboard.
(with the standard ms ones my reads and writes where about the same maybe 10 mb's more then my regular HDD) and i didn't have any drives exept the SSD when i installed Windows 7..

Shrinked the Page file to about 600mb (cause i didn't want to fully disable it)

Anyways' These speeds on the image i find a bit weird? are they normal or what?
specs of the ssd are:

SATAIII (6gb's)
550 MBps (Read) / 515 MBps (Write)

I have it connected to SATAII cause i don't have SataIII yet so i know the speeds are limited to about 300mb's theoretically, so what ATTO bench say's looks right to me..,. (about 240/250 Write and 270/280 Read)

But then.. why does ATTO seem right to me, AS SSD seems slow to me, CrystalDiskMark seems slow too, HD_Speed seems normal? on 16mb block size and HD Tune Fluctates The crap everytime..

is there something wrong or does this seem right for SATAII with a SATAIII Drive?

Here are My PC Specs:

Asus M5A78-L
AMD Phenom II x6 1100T@3.95Ghz (1.475V)
6Gb OCZ Gold DDRIII1333@1420
Ati Radeon HD 6950 @ (870/1358)
Mushkin Chronos SataIII SSD (120gb) on sataII Port :(
Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ, 1TB (For Storage)

NB freq. : 2982.2 Mhz
HT Link : 2769.3 Mhz

-Windows Experience Index
Processor: 7.6
Memory : 7.7
Graphics :7.9
Gaming Graphics: 7.9
Primary HDD: 7.5

This is my first ever post here, and i've never really used forums to ask my self so i hope i provided enough information to answer my question and hopefully it was a little easy to read :)

Sorry if i did anything wrong, again it's my first time really using a forum for a question
and sorry for my english, im from The Netherlands. (although i don't think my english is TOO bad like some people :p)

I'd also like to mention that the SSD DOES feel snappy and has pretty fast boot times,
and helped minimum FPS With Grand theft auto 4 (Can play maxed out @ 40 fps now without it randomly freezing for a couple of seconds when i turn the camera, probably cause it can read the files much faster now)

The game isn't installed at this moment but i did that as a test..

25gb of the ssd is in use the rest is free And the Storage HDD Is as good as free too (about 30gb of 1tb in use)


Apr 23, 2012
To be honest, I have a SATA III drive and I don't have as fast of 4k write/read speeds as you do. You're very lucky.

I've been stressing lately over how to install the SSD's and making sure firmware was updated. But after it all, I figure, if it's fast for you in how you use it, that should be plenty. Benchmarks don't mean anything as everyone's computer is a bit different.

SSD helped me with stuttering, not much FPS directly, but no waiting for it to load certain things necessary which I would stutter with my HDD before!


May 20, 2012

Jea ok i geuss so then :p jea it helped me too with stuttering like i said before the minimum fps increased I think cause it doesn't have the lag spikes from loading stuff slow anymore :p

One more question to the forum

how do i stop my pc from spinning up / checking my regular HardDisk @ Boot :S

cause i've disabled it in the bios in the boot order, and stuff but it spins up when starting and it just sits there until my regular HDD Spun up :( if i can get that of i can shave like 3 to 5 seconds more off the boot time..

Thank you :)

Your benchmark results look good.

Different benchmark software use different types of data to test Read/Write speeds.

ATTO uses highly compressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
AS-SSD & CrystalDiskMark use highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.