Help needed, system won't power up


Nov 5, 2004
Good day,

I'm having a problem with my friend's system. It worked fine until one time he tried to shut down Win XP and the system just hanged at the "Saving your preferences.." screen. When he shut off the power and tried to reboot he got nothing. No power, no fan, no lights.. nothing.

Unfortunately he lives about 6 hours away from me so I tried to troubleshoot over the phone.. we checked cables and everything seemed secure so it sounds to me like a hardware problem.

What is the likely culprit and how easily can it be fixed?

If it was a power supply issue, would the system have hanged like it did?

Any suggestions?


If I recall the system is a Pentium 2, 800mhz (or so) 128MB with XP Home.


Former Staff
It could be a fried component or a bad power supply. Hard drives will sometimes short out internally and cause the system not to power up.

I'd try unhooking the drives to power it up. If that doesn't work, it's "probably" the power supply that failed.

Also, 128MB RAM under XP is rediculous, he'd be far better off with 98SE.

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