Question HELP! New pc keeps shutting down :(

Sep 16, 2020
Hi! Recently I built this new PC which Im struggling with because it keeps shutting down unexpectedly, after I finished the build I installed windows 10(from official page), then installed the drivers and just after I finished it happened for the first time, the screen went black but fans and the rgb light from the RAM kept going, I rebooted with the reset button and I was able to use the computer for about 1 hour perfectly; the next day it shut down after 5 minutes of using word, after that I have done the following:
  • Reconnected all cables
  • Reinstalled RAM (I tried A2 and B2 slots, then ran memtest86 with no errors) (shutting down happens with default frequency speed and also with 3000 MHz in any slot )
  • Updated the BIOs and reset to the CMOS
  • Tried different power plans
  • Ran stress test to the CPU, and ssd, with success and no shutting down or overheating during this
  • Checked the PSU voltage with a multimeter, everything was ok
  • Checked all temperatures and fans
  • Reinstalled drivers
  • booted from my laptop HDD and still went down
Yesterday I decided to reinstall windows, it was really hard because it kept shutting down during installation but after several attempts I was able to finish installation but again, it keep shutting down and now i cant use it for more than 10 minutes
Today I'm going to test it with an old PSU to see if there is a chance it could be it, also, I checked the QVL of the motherboard and the RAM just appears verified for 2 and 4 DIMM but not for 1, as i have it, Is it probable I just need to buy another one?

The components are (all brand new):
PSU Yeyian raiden 500W 80+ white
CPU amd ryzen 3 3200g
SSD m.2 256 gb Western Digital green
Motherboard Asus bm450-a

If anyone has an idea of what could be causing it, I will really appreciate your help, I dont know what else to do
Definitely the PSU is the first thing to check on. Just looking at the name I'm 99.9% sure that's a very low quality power suply.

Well, I found a picture of the PSU label and it's quite funny:

SO... this is a 500W unit, but apparently it can do 792W on the +12V rail(I'm surprised that they didn't say that it can power the whole city). Yeah sure... I'd be surprised if this doesn't fail from a 300W load.

Also, 20A on both the +3.3V and +5V indicates that's probably a group regulated unit(older design), but I sincerly don't know.

Just after looking at the label I can conclude that this looks like a new low for PSUs... beyond garbage. They can't even lie properly with their label. Get that thing out of the system ASAP.

P.S.: Measuring voltages under no real load is quite irrelevant.
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