Feb 14, 2009
Hi, I've finished putting my 1st own build together yesterday, but when I connect the monitor, i just get a 'no input signal' message.

However, all the fans are spinning, including the CPU&GPU fans and the fans on the PSU, and you can eject the DVD writer. All the fans LEDs are on as well, as is the MoBo LED indicating it's on, so I suppose the PSU is working. Am I right in saying that if there was a short somewhere, the system would die down rather than stay on?

I can't hear any beeps at all, though. I have plugged the the connector with 'speaker' (with a small cap at the end of it) on it into the right slot on the panel - do you need to do anything else to hear the beeps? Would connecting a normal stereo speakers work?

As my GPU's got only DVI connectors, I need to use adapter to connect it to VGA port on the monitor, but at least some information pust be passing through as when it is disconnected, the monitor switches to 'disconnected' screen instead of the 'no signal' one.

Upon inspecting the motherboard I found that one of the four heatsink pins had been loose, :ouch: and I pushed it back in properly and tried again, but I still get no beeps. Do you think it could have been damaged? It's only been on a few times for max 1min, with the other pins in place and the fan spinning.

This is the 1st time I'm building a computer, and I'm at a loss here, so all suggestions would be much appreciated :)

My specs:
CPU: E8400
CPU cooler: Akasa AK-965
MoBo: ASUS p5n-d
Video: nvidia 9600gt
RAM: OCZ Titanium PC2-6400, 2x2G Dual Channel
PSU: WinPower 850W