Help, New System not working!


Aug 1, 2008
Newbie computer maker here, and a problem (go figure, right?)

I'm putting together a AMD 64 X2 5000+, Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI M.B., 4 GB Corsiar PC800 mem, Thermal Take 450 watt P.S., only onboard video card (until save money to get a new ATI vid card). 250 GB sata H.D. and dvd 16X and 52X CDRW drives. I am running Windows XP home (I think only 32 bit :cry: )

I installed everything, and all fans ran. The problems:
both dvd and cdrw drives power lights blinked on, off, on, off, etc. The fan on the processor ran, but slowly (maybe because not hot, and case completely still open?)

I can not see anything from my monitors, either VGA or DVI hooked in. They flash green (showing connected to vid card), and I can hear my hard drive hammering, but no boot up screen is visable???

Do I need to d/l the drivers for new motherboard on a different (and working) computer I have, then try to run it? Or is my motherboard or power supply DOA?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated??

Thank you in advane,



Jun 25, 2005
First clear the bios, check the manual to find the spot where the jumpers to do that are.
If you do not get a picture at all after that, no post screen (showing vid.card info, and memory test etc), there's something wrong with the mainboard, memory or cpu.
Disconnect all your drives and remove all memory sticks, (all, to be sure of a proper reseat) and start again with processor and one memory bank filled first. Check if that cooler is flat and solid mounted on the cpu. Used cooling paste between the two, right?? If succesfull, add more memory, one at a time, than harddrive, etc.
If your windows installation is used before with other hardware (mainboard!) then you have to install all the new hardware again (if you are able to start in safe mode), chipset- graphic- audio drivers etc.