Help! no drivers for Ktech USB 3.5G modem - model: K190.


Sep 22, 2012
Hello, I just purchased a USB 3.5G modem - model: K190 made by KTech.
It doesn't work (except the extra SD memory card capability) as it doesn't have any drivers or software on it, contrary to what the store clerk said, maybe there's a defect because I already tried it on two different laptops.
Certainly, it didn't come with any CD or manual nor can I give it back. The company doesn't have any website and there are no drivers to be found on the internet.. I spent hours looking for the modem's drivers..
I would be very grateful if somebody could help me out and if possible, send me the software/driver of this modem to my email address:
If somebody from this website doesn't help me, I will have to throw it away:( I paid $25 for it.. I realize that for some folks it's nothing, but I'm quite poor and I can't afford to buy another model..
Thank you for your time and help in advance.


Nov 23, 2012

Dear gkmansion,

we are sorry about KTECH K190 modem that you has but don't have software inside, maybe have some problem from factory. so please don't worry about that, i will sent Ktech software to your email address.
we are wholesale KTECH modem in Cambodia country, please visit or

or you can click here for download KTECH K190 software: [...] 16&lang=en

best regards,

Mr. Charlie
General Manager