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Question HELP "No sound card was found" ASRock b450m Pro4

Jun 11, 2020
I need help it's my first build,

Just installed windows and all the drivers through motherboards site. Tried both front and back audio ports and none of them gave any sound. Check the dxdiag and it says "No sound card was found". Does this mean my motherboard sound card is dead? I need to fix this, please.


Welcome to the forums :D

I see two possibilities.
  1. it is disabled in the BIOS, you can check the BIOS for onboard devices or some such and see if for whatever reason it was disabled, re-enable it and windows should see it fine.
  2. as you said it dead.
verify that the BIOS has the device enabled, and try to install in windows again.
to verify that the hardware is indeed the issue you can boot into linux and try the device with ALL new software.

Boot to a USB drive with linux on it. grab a USB drive, a copy of rufus and a linux distribution.
http://distrowatch.com/ has tons of differing linux distributions and download links. I personally am fond of linux mint with cinnamon.
https://rufus.ie/ the utility used to extract the ISO file to the USB drive.

use rufus to extract the selected ISO to the thumb drive. it will make the drive bootable and you can run linux from the drive once done.
Reboot into linux and proceed to test the hardware. connect to internet, watch videos, await problems.
if linux is good and stable the issue is most likely inside windows or otherwise software related.
this is a test of the hardware.
Jun 11, 2020
What options do you see in the Sound Settings?
Again, please list your full system specs.

-Wolf sends
On the sound settings all I see is the monitor and three of the same "NVIDIA OUTPUT" things with red arrow pointing down.

ASRock b450m pro4
Ryzen 5 - 1600af
Msi Gaming X gtx 1060 6gb
Crucial Ballistix RGB 16gb 2x8gb 3200mhz
XPG Gammix s11 pro 512gb NVMe
be quiet! System Power 9 - 500W 80+ Bronze


Try to reinstall the drivers from your motherboard's support page for the Realtek Audio, If the device has failed on the motherboard, then I suspect the install would also fail.

If the install completes without an error message, try and reboot and then check what is listed under the Sound Settings again.

Also check Windows Search again for "Realtek HD Audio"

-Wolf sends