Help O/Cing my Pentium D 820(2.80GHz)


Oct 3, 2008

I have an Intel Pentium D 820(2.80 GHz in the LGA 775 Socket. I was just wondering how can I overclock my Pentium D safely and efficiantly,I know I can probably pump out 3.16GHZ n each core, but my DELL BIOS is fixed and wont allow it, so I would Like to know what software can I use, I already have nTune and it O/C's my Nvidia GeForce Card,but not my CPU, I am not new to PC's, but I havent really looked in to overclocking too much, so I just thought I would ask here and see what people say on that issue....

My exact specs are as follows-

Intel Pentium D 820--2.80GHz
4GB of DDR2 RAM(2x1GB 533MHz and 2x1GB 667MHz)
Nvida 8500GT 512MB DDR2(I have the EVGA 9800 GX2 512x2=1GB on stand by for my better CPU)
Windows XP Pro-Media Center 2005-Service Pack 3
Maxtor SATA 250GB HDD

Any Help would be appreciated:)

Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
Its very bad that the BIOS is locked :(
I dont recommend u using ANY software for OC'ng because BIOS has more options,which will let u use the settings u need and also OC'ng causes instabilty mostly


Jul 8, 2006
You'll be limited in overclocking because you have a Dell. Mainstream name brand PC's aren't designed with overclocking in mind. You'd be better off getting an inexpensive Core 2, new motherboard and RAM and overclocking that.

If you insist upon overclocking a Pentium D just for the fun of it (increasing global warming must be popular -- people have asked recently about overclocking old Pentium D's), then perhaps these budget Foxcon boards could work for you:

Newegg has some inexpensive barebones systems with AMD or Intel motherboards, case and so so PSU's that only need a CPU and RAM to create a viable system. You could use your old hard drives, but will probably need a new OS, so order an OEM copy of XP or Vista (Vista's not that bad, not since SP 1)

You should check those out.

This one supports inexpensive Athlon X2's up to B3 Phenom's. Always check the CPU support list against your motherboard revision and bios version.

A nice Intel Core 2 barebones:

If you needed to use your Smithfield core processor for awhile due to budget reasons and then move up to Core 2, this ASUS barebones supports both:

A stock Athlon X2 5000+ on a 740G board in a barebones will beat that Dell. The same goes for a cheap Allendale dual from Intel in the second barebones.

The last time I bought an MSI barebones, I replaced the PSU with a decent Antec, but otherwise it was a good deal and held me over for a couple of years. Perhaps that's the path to replace your Dell?

I had my two P4's for years, but eventually replaced them. There comes a point where overclocking an old processor can't compete with stock clocks of newer generations.


Oct 3, 2008
@yipsl and mazier---

Thanks, guys, yeah I am getting a new CPU from, and it is the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 at 189.99USD, and then later on I am getting a newer m-board in 2 months with 3-way SLI and a Core 2 Quad Xtreme QX 9550 for 200.00USD off a friend, I am going to throw that ASUS M-board in here with 3 Nvidia 8800GTX's and 8 GB DDR2 800 RAM, but thats in two months, for now I have to wait until payday and just do with what I have, this Pentium D 820 is good, its not the fastest in the world, but it does do good multitasking and I can play Crysis Warhead at 1440x900 with "Enthusiast/High" graphics settings with it, and AA at 16xQ--(as long as I use my 9800GX2 1GB)...

Anyways, I was getting off the point there:p...

I just want to O/C my Pentium D right now and the other hardware will come later, any suggestions?

I have it as a stock 2.79-2.80 GHz, I want to push like 3.1GHz, and I know I can do it, I just need a good software recommendation, Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance:)