Question Help! Old PC game that I can't remember its name

Nov 15, 2019
Can you help me to find the name of an old PC game please?

Hello friends, I hope to help me to remember the name of this game, I'll describe it as I remember it.

First it released before 2011 and after 1990 but I don't know in which year.
I've played it on Windows XP.
The game follow the perspective from above, (i.e. you can see the map from above).
The character that you play with is a hunter holding a gun in his hand, and his hand is always at his shoulder level.
The character moves towards the mouse pointer (crosshair icon), so you can move him up by moving your pointer up so he will follow it.
The map is like a green area with grass and river and contains rabbits (i.e. enemy of your character).
The rabbits move around themselves or just stand at their position till the hunter approaches to them enough to make them move to him, then you can kill them by clicking on them so they will die.
Also, there are carrots on the ground, your character collect them and it benefit him somehow.
I think but not sure that the character can't stop, just when you open the game the character starts to move towards the mouse pointer immediately.
The second map I don't remember anything of it except it was darker than first one and the rabbits becomes bigger too.

Really I need to help me please, I appreciate your efforts to remember it.
Thank you.



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