Help on a small case and mobo


Jan 14, 2002
I think my mobo and ps are going bad. I'm having really weird problems after two years. I have an old Enlight 7250 case and a Gigabyte GA7VTX mobo. I would like to get a smaller case that will still take standard size components (NIC, Video, Sound, PCI Modem), and a mobo that will be compatible with my DDR 2100 memory sticks. Aside from that I don't mind upgrading my processor but I currently have a AMD Thunderbird 1GHz. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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If you want full features and less space get a nice Micro ATX nForce2 board from Newegg (Such as the Asus A7N8X-VM) and look at their wide selection of Micro ATX towers.

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