Help on choosing new graphics card


Jan 4, 2013
Hi All,

First time ever on a forum so excuse any etiquette faux pas

Am looking to upgrade our PC as the kids are playing more modern games (FPS etc as they get older) and although it's fine for me some games are a bit 'laggy' at higher resolution and Rise of Flight i pretty unplayable on higher settings

Have a budget of £100.00 and been looking at the Asus GTX 550 Ti (1GB GDDR5 PCIE2 HDMI etc) for around £90.00 to replace the 9600GT and wonder if we'll notice any real improvements? Would lobbing in a bit of extra ram also help?

Spec of PC as follows

OS: Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP2

CPU: AMD Athlon X2 6000+ Windsor 90nm

RAM: 4GB OCZ PC2 6400 1.8v 5-6-6

Mobo: MSI MS-7369

Graphics: Nvidia 9600GT 512mb

Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster (1680 x 1050@60hz)

HDDs: 250GB Maxtor SATA internal & 1TB Maxtor External

The above runs games like Half Life 2, COD MW on full but the kids have Batman Arkham City and Alan Wake? and a couple of others they say are a bit jerky on higher resolutions and would appreciate any advice on whether the GTX 550Ti will show an improvement over the 9600GT

Thanks in advance
Yes, though, you have a rather old low end cpu, you can also look for a 650 gtx, it's about the same performance,probably cheaper, offers a game(assassins creed 3 in some retail stores/websites).