Help on either install hd or format

Richard bonin

Aug 15, 2011

I purchase3d a hard drive for my laptop (internal) Now it says that window cant terminate the installation. I have used the reinstall DVD. It does not work. My install dvd are ok. the problem is somewhere else. Now it is jammed on that notififcdation that windows cant terminate installation

A user did this to correct the problem.

I changed my HDD (f2) config from SATA to something else (can't remember what but it is the other option in hardware setup). Then I booted up from my WIN set-up disk and formatted the hdd (QUICK FORMAT).

I then shut down the laptop and re-started it, (f2) changed my HDD config back to SATA, and re-booted the laptop with the correct WIN CD in the drive. I them did a complete format of the HDD and all is well.