[SOLVED] Help on figuring the best cooler for the I9 10900k


Jul 26, 2016
Hi guys, Im thinking to get a i9 10900k and do mild to high overclocking at some point. I work on 3d graphics for games of my own and play games ofc. Ive found a few coolers that caught my eye from resellers like the ml240l, the deepcool 240ex and the corsair h110i but heard mixed reviews with the i9 9900k which doesn’t cover up my doubts. What do you guys think, could any of these be enough? if not, what are the best options out there without breaking the bank too much?
360mm AIO at the very least or custom watercooling. In terms of aircooling, I wouldn't recommend them on that processor, not while Intel is pulling a "Bulldozer" like AMD years ago.


Even my i9-10900F manages to pull 250W with just the power limits disabled and a relatively low fixed voltage. And that is just 4.6Ghz all core.

I do have a custom loop with two 280mm radiators and GTX 1080 in there.

Biggest cooler you can get that fits in your chassis is advisable.

Most 360mm AIO are pretty interchangeable, only a few true manufacturers.

Kraken X73 on the high end, Enermax Liqtech II (Liqmax III is oddly cheap, don't know much about it), EVGA and Fractal Design have 360mm AIO in that price range.

There are some fancier ones with better RGB, displays, expandable loops, etc. Pure cooling, I would probably go with the Kraken.