Help on forwarding ports!!!


Jan 16, 2011
Hey guys,

So im trying to forward some ports for my utorrent app. Im using a FRITZ!Box For WLAN 7390 router. In the router page, I have the option to forward ports. The only options it gives me, are:

HTTP server
FTP server
eMule TCP
eMule UDP
MS Remote Desktop
Other applications
Exposed Host

The thing is, I dont know which one the torrents use.

IMPORTANT! In the router page, i also have this box I can check, which says:
Allow changes to security settings over UPnP
Programs that support UPnP can be used to change security settings automatically, such as the FRITZ!Box port forwarding rules. For reasons of security, only enable this option if you really want to allow incoming connections from the Internet.

Is this safe? Im not the only one using the internet and the same router. Is this ok?

Thanks for the help guys!!
As long as UPnP is iplemented properly on the router, it shouldn't be a problem. I'm not sure what UPnP has to do with security settings though. Normally an application on your computer will request that certain ports are opened and forwarded via UPnP. The router should accept the request and start port forwarding. When you close your program, it should tell the router it's done using those ports and UPnP in the router should close those ports back up. As far as I know, UPnP can't change settings other than opening, forwarding, and closing ports.