Help!!!!! on Mobo fan problem


Aug 30, 2011
Started on my first build and so far everything was going ok except until I got to the issue of connecting my case fans to my mobo. My case is the Azza Spartan and my mobo is the Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3. The case fans have a plastic plug that it is a 4 pins and the mobo has only one 4 pin and it is MUCH smaller then the case fan plug. All the other fan plugs are 3 and small also.

Thanks! :cry:
You will notice that on the MB all the 4 pin connectors have a plastic piece that is just off center and that is because you can plug a 3 pin fan connector into them. Without a picture to see what you have specificaly if the end that is on the fan is overly large then you might have an end that an adaptor plugs itno and you need to plug in the adaptor that came with the fan.

AMD X6850

Feb 17, 2011

The larger 4 pin plugs that the case fans have are not meant to be plugged into the motherboard.
They are molex plugs and connect directly to the Power Supply.

The small 4 pin on the motherboard is for fans that support monitoring/control through the computer and fans that do support his will have a the smaller 4 pin plug. Your fans don't seem to be this type.

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