Help on my HP dv6000 and 7150M /nForce 630.!!!


Oct 3, 2008
Can someone help me, here is my situation,

i am new to the forum, and I am currently a student at an IT school in CA. I have learned alot about alot of different hardware and software, but the class's that I chose never covered IGP's.
I now have a Nvidia GO 7150M / nForce 630, its in a HP dv6000 notebook. Now if any one out there can help me with either telling me if I can upgrade my IGP to stand aloneor not , they have an 8800M GTX 512 DDR-3 card that is for note books with the mobile PCIe that I want place in here, but I am on a lease-to-own notebook so I cant take it apart to find out if it has a moblie PCIe slot. So if someone has an Idea of this particular systemboard and can tell me if I have a mobile PCIe slot to fit a 8800M in it,that would be appreciated:)

And the other is- If the board is not PCIe than the other option is to ugrade my M-board, is there any out there that will fit my dv6000 botebook that has a better Video integrated adapter option, and a mobile PCIe slot too?

Please help someone;)


May 23, 2004
The mainboard has one PCIe slot in which there is probably a broadcom wifi card already. It does not have the PCIe 8X or 16X slot you would need for the video card.

There is no option to upgrade your mainboard, and you couldn't anyway until you actually owned it if there were. By the way, these mainboards are known to fail because the GPU overheats, I hope you can get out of the lease or that you own it and can resell it before the warranty is up and/or it fails.

There is an extended warranty for 2 years on some dv6000 models, but until you own it you may not be able to take advantage of that either.