Help on pc set up


Nov 15, 2012
here is what I think I will use.

I need help on the case and monitor. Should I get a SSD?
I do not need keyboard and mouse,
I am new to PC building so be noob friendly in the advice.
My budget is ~1000 perhaps a bit more.

Thank you in advance.


Nov 19, 2004
I would recommend a SSD for your operating system 64GB should do it and a regular SATA disk for putting your files on.

If you will be using it for gaming then go for a 128GB SSD. That is plenty for the operating system and 3-4 games.

Windows 7 boots in about 4 seconds when using SSD :)
That is a very nice and balanced set of parts for a gamer.

I would definitely buy a SSD with your budget.
120gb will hold the os and a handful of games. If you buy a 180 or 240gb ssd, you may well never need the separate hard drive.
Consider starting our with just a ssd, and add a hard drive later if you need room for storing large files such as video's.
My preference would be Intel 330 or Samsung 830. There are lots of sales around.

Cases are a personal thing.
What do you want in a case?
The main requirement is that it hold your parts.
Do you want quiet, looks, cooling, room,cable management., or...

You can spend as little as $50. It is a great place to save on your budget.
See if this Antec 300-2 appeals to you.
There is no reason to spend more from a quality and functional point of view.

Try to buy the best monitor your budget will allow.
They will last you through several changes in technology.
Check the feedbacks, but they are mostly all good.