Question Help on Ryzen Mem settings - BSOD


Nov 25, 2012
Hi All - I have the following setup and currently facing BSOD once in a while. I am not doing any OC basically was hoping to keep it at XMP. Also no CPU OC, everything is default setting in BIOS

CPU: Ryzen 3700x no oc
Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 3600 Micron E/H-die
GPU: RTX 2080 no oc
Motherboard: ASUS Gaming TUF X570 WIFI

Scenario 1: set ram XMP profile at 3600 - I get game crashes every day. Even increasing voltage to 1.43 still doesn't help
Scenario 2: using DRAM Calculator and set ram at 3200 with following timings - I get game crashes every 7-8 days?
14-19-19-19-21 at 1.42 Also, I only modify tCL, tRCDWR, tRCDRD, tRP, tRAS for this to work. When I copy everything from the Calculator (SAFE) it won't post.

I build this PC last year but didn't really get into gaming until lately, so I am out of my return windows. I just want to know 1) if this normal behavior for a Ryzen build, 2) is it ok to just modify the timings in bios and not the rest (as I mentioned, I believe if I modify tRFC or others it won't post)?

Memory speed is dependent on 3 things: CPU memory controller, motherbaord, and the DRAM modules.

The motherboard considers anything over 2933MHz overclocking, regardless of what the DRAM modules and/or processor support.

Sounds like you are running into the "silcon lottery."

The processor supports up to 3200MHz and the DRAM up to 3600MHz So even with a new motherboard you won't be able to go over 3200MHz. Try it at 2933MHz or lower and it will probably run stable.