Question Help on shopping for a Legacy-Compatible graphics card

Sep 29, 2020
I purchased a Sapphire Radeon NITRO Rx 460 4GB GDDR5 HDMI / DVI-D / DP OC (UEFI) PCI-E Graphics Card Graphics Cards (11257-02-20G): It arrived today and it doesn't work. Fun times.

My PC is an HP Pavilion hpe h8-1110t. I checked on this website ( to make sure that the product I purchased was compatible with my motherboard before purchasing it. The item I received seems to be this (, though
the sticker on the card itself says it's a Radeon RX 460 4G GDDR5 PCI-E HDMI DVI-D/DP OC (UEFI). My guess right now is that not only did they give me the wrong card, the card they gave me is UEFI-only. And of course, that same (UEFI) is in the name of the card I ordered, so maybe that one also wouldn't work with Legacy. I'm not sure, as I am new to all of this. I have an IPISB-CH2 (Chicago) Motherboard. My motherboard is not UEFI compatible, and looking at this sticker, idk if that means it will only work with UEFI, or if it's just able to work with UEFI as well as Legacy. Possibly of note is that the card I ordered seems to need a PCI-E 6 connection as well as getting plugged into the PCI-E 16 slot, whereas the one I recieved does not.

I was able to install the card without it giving me the five beeps telling me I put it in wrong, but when I turn it on, none of the usb ports work whatsoever. Neither the DVI or HDMI connections work either (I don't have a VGA cord). I do not have this trouble with my older video card, which came with the PC. I have tried plugging my DVI cord into my onboard DVI port, and I get the same result: nothing (Weirdly enough, the onboard DVI ports were covered with "do not remove" blocker things screwed into them, which I only just unscrewed to test if those slots work. Let me know if I've made some terrible error by doing that btw). There is no similar port for VGA or HDMI, there's just two DVI ports. The USB ports are all built into the PC, I should mention.
When I turn the PC on with everything plugged in, my keyboard lights up for half a second before shutting off. Tapping keys doesn't seem to do anything.

I just did a little further research, and it seems that nothing Sapphire makes is Legacy compatible. Fun.

I guess what I'm asking is:

1. Is the card I received definitely incompatible with Legacy?

2. If I demand I get sent the correct card instead, will that one even work with Legacy?

3. Is the website I looked at reliable for seeing if a card I buy is actually gonna be Legacy-compatible, and if not then how do I shop for a usable card;

4. What companies should I be avoiding getting cards from if I want something Legacy-compatible? Sapphire being incompatible is known to me as of today;

5. Does anybody have any decent Legacy-compatible cards they'd recommend, since I don't seem to know how to shop for this stuff?

Thank you.


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I know you didn't ask this but I just confirm Motherboard is only legacy as someone asked a similar question of HP 3 years ago -

Link above shows

The following observation is anecdotal. It may not apply to your situation.

I had a H8 series HP PC. I could not install a Legacy GPU that was not on the list of graphics card upgrade options HP provided at my PC's HP Support site.

Your PC's HP Support site shows no upgrade options. This may mean your PC may not POST with a Legacy graphics card that would otherwise work with your PC's current architecture. So be prepared to return the graphics card purchase if it fails to initialize.

So you can't use Nvidia 700 through 1000 series graphics cards because they require UEFI BIOS. You can't use newer AMD graphics cards that need UEFI BIOS.
It is likely not just sapphire. You need to track down an old card, or buy a newer PC which won't have these issues.


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I think buy/build is likely a less painful experience than trying to fit a motherboard to both current case and GPU. Start again with a new PC. Up to you if you use GPU or not.

12 years ago I had to replace my PC as the GPU used a slot that had been replaced and almost all new cards used the new one. UEFI is similar for old PC now, but its not exactly a new thing, UEFI was released in 2009 so its just a matter of time with old PC. Eventually you have to buy a new one.