[SOLVED] Help on updating windows 8 to windows 10!

Jul 23, 2019
I'm building a new system for my brother and wanted to ask for little help with the OS problem.
So, my brothers old PC has windows 8.1 installed and running and now when he's new PC parts arrive, we decided to update to windows 10 (FINALLY :D)
We bought the boxed edition with the USB, and I was wondering, can I pull out the SSD where the win 8 from the old system and connect it with the new parts, boot the Windows 10 from the drive and then delete the windows 8 partition later?
My original plan was to totally wipe the SSD clean and just install windows on a compleatly blank drive and go from there but turns out doing that is kinda hard.
I tried to research this but didn't find answers, so decided to ask here.


PC Tailor

Huge thanks but one question.
Do I do this before or after I attach it to the new build?
Or do I just put the SSD with win 8 on the new build and do it when it's running (I read that it may not work if you change parts )
If you are planning on using the SSD with W8 on it, and wiping it clean. You can simply install the SSD, run the W10 installer using the media creation tool, and during the drive select stage, format/wipe the SSD entirely and install W10 to it.

Obviously the installation instructions are contained in the link :)



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