Question HELP! Only one monitor working at a time!


Nov 10, 2017
Hey guys!

I need some help cause it's extremely annoying. Yesterday I've been reading my ppts for the exam on my main monitor, while installing the newest nvidia drivers (I always select custom - clean install). After drivers finished installing, everything was still working fine, then suddenly my main monitor went out - saying no signal. I have a mini DP in my main monitor and a regular DP in secondary. I restarted the PC, and tried everything but only one of them work at a time. If I put both of them, only my secondary monitor works, however if I pull the secondary out, the main works without issues. Tried all plugs but it's all the same. I also reinstalled the driver (with clean install) but it did not fix.

Any suggestions?

Main: Asus XG32VQ
Secondary: AOC 1080p 24"
GPU: Gigabyte AORUS gtx1080


I would try reinstalling the Nvidia drivers again.

May have been corrupted.

Worked at first but then one or the other had a problem.

Confirm that you still have dual monitor configured in Windows.

Double check the Nvidia settings as well.

My thought is that they are not playing well together.
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