Help overclocking 4600+


Apr 17, 2008
ok i need help i really want to overclock my cpu. first here are my specs:
Case Antec900
Mobo Asus M2N Amd
evga 8800gt oc 512
2 gb or ram
running windows vista
stock cooling
i really dont know how to over clock well but i have gotten it to 2.6 on it with stock not not mess ing with the voltage
please help meand i dont want to fry it :)

Cpt Deadboots

Dec 12, 2007
Stock voltage is.... 1.35v?

Is the multiplier 10x for the 4600+?

Assuming these two things are true....

AM2 systems' memory is linked to the CPU speed (this is the first thing you need to worry about). For instance, if you have an Athlon X2 3800+ (2.0 GHz) and DDR2-800 memory, your motherboard will take your CPU frequency and divide by 5 to get your memory frequency (2000 MHz/5 = 400 MHz = 800 MHz DDR). If you set your memory to DDR2-667, it will simply change that divider to 6. 533, the divider will be set to 7...etc. Keep this in mind and set your memory accordingly to keep it at roughly 800 MHz (won't give you any trouble then).

After setting your memory frequency lower, you can begin to raise your HTT(the number that is multiplied by your CPU multiplier). Assuming your multiplier is 10x, your stock HTT is 240 MHz. All you have to do to overclock is raise this frequency.

I would raise your HTT by 10 MHz increments at a time until your computer fails to post or boot into your OS. After rebooting into the BIOS, raise your voltage by .025 or so and continue to raise your HTT.

Anything over 1.5v or so is probably a really bad idea with the stock cooling. In fact, I would not touch anywhere over 2.8 GHz (3 GHz if you are lucky) with stock cooling if I were you.

An aftermarket cooler is probably not worth it as the chip is only worth $65 anyway.

Good luck!