Help Overclocking E8400+Ep45-UD3P


Jun 24, 2009
I am doing my first overclock with following system build:
E8400@3.0Ghz EO
Ep45-UD3P Rev. 1.1 F9
2x2GB G.Skill PC2-8500CL5D (defaulted @800Mhz so manual set to 1066Mhz)
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
512MB Sapphire HD 4870
Antec 1200 Case
Antec SG850 PSU
Windows 7 RC

I have made several attempts to Overclock following several guides and settings that have worked for others with similar systems. My goal is to end up with around 3.6Ghz on this initial go-around. Each attempt passes POST and then boots the OS. The desktop pops up and either during or after the startup chime the system will freeze resulting in a constant sound if stopped mid-chime. While at the stock speed of 3.0Ghz I have performed various tests including Prime95 resulting in load core temps of around 50C and idle temps at 31C. If I need to post additional info please let me know.