Question Help! PC boots, no display, power button won't work to turn off

May 11, 2023
Really at my wit’s end with this thing.

Transported my PC to my new living situation, was working fine before I shut it off and unplugged it, didn’t have a bumpy ride and I transported it on its side. The problems started when I tried to set it up at the new place. Everything internally was on, the fans, the lights, etc. but my monitor wasn’t displaying anything whatsoever, it stayed in sleep mode. I tried turning my PC off but the power button didn’t do anything, no matter how long I held it. When I switch off the psu and turn it back on, I can use the power button to turn the pc on but not to turn it off. My CPU error light was on on the motherboard, so I replaced it. Light was still on so I was told it was a motherboard issue and replaced that too.

so far I have replaced the CPU and mobo, I have a 2 month old gpu that hasn’t given me any grief. I’ve tried resetting cmos, tried different RAM, basically everything. I’m at a loss. Any advice? I’m not much of a computer person so dumbing it down would be appreciated.

my specs:
mobo - B550 elite AX V2
CPU - ryzen 5 5600
GPU - rtx 3060
psu - evga 650 g3
can provide more information if needed. Thanks guys.


Nov 12, 2021
Had a similar problem. Sold my old pc when I upgraded and when the guy took it home it wouldn't boot.
He brought it back and I gave him the money back.
I reseated CPU and blew the sockets of ram/gpu and it worked again.
Even tho I don't believe on my side cpu reseat did anything it might do for you. After I blew the dust off the gpu socket it worked.
Jul 27, 2023
I just had this problem and fixed it. I didn't have the RAM in all the way. I thought it was supposed to click by itself but I had to manually click it now it works.
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