HELP PC crash problems


May 15, 2012
Please help,
i have just built my first PC and am having problems with the system shutting down and will not turn back on unless i power down at the mains for a few seconds. It has been random but every time i try to install flash player it always happens.
i'm running:
windows7 home prm 64bit
asus m5a78l-m/us83 motherboard
amd fx8120 3.1ghz
EZcool 500w power supply.


i would start by downloading speedfan and hardware monitor to see if the cpu or gpu is running hot. most mb and cpu have over heat protections where they will shut down to protect the cpu. I would check that you put thermal past under the heat sink and that the heat sink for the cpu in down all the way on the cpu. the other issue and that where hardware monitor will come in is watch the voltage output from the power supply. if the power supply not holding under load it cause lock up or reboots. the ps you have now is a gen no name ps.