Question Help! PC turned off and now will not turn back on ?

Jan 14, 2022
CPU: Intel i5-11600k
MOBO: Msi mag b560m bazooka
RAM: 32gb RAM (8gb+8gb+16gb)
Gpu: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
Psu: 600w Builder
Ssd: Samsung 970EVOplus NVMe M.2 500gb
Ssd: 256gb ssd (unknown specifics) (boot drive)
1tb hard drive
Corsair h60i water cooler

(I have just recently Upgraded my CPU, MOBO, RAM and added the second ssd)

I was playing counter strike (A game I can easily run) and suddenly the pc completely shut off. No message. It is now not turning back on and when attempting to turn it on the LED on the motherboard with ‘cpu’ under it will briefly flash red once. The cpu water cooler fan will also slightly start to spin but then stop. This has happened once in the past but it turned back on after cooling down that time.