Question Help pc wont boot flashing light

May 26, 2020
So i built my pc in 2018 so parts arent old or anything never had an issue

1060 6gb asus Had a 2070 super but didnt fit so i changed it for a 1060 until i buy new cooler
i7 8700k
Z370p d3 Motherb
16gb vengeance led corsair
h100iv2 cpu cooler
240 gb ssd
2 tb hdd
Fractal design meshify c
650w psu evga goldrated

ok so i had a s340 no issues at all and i decided to buy a meshify c for better airflow etc so i took all the parts outta my first build and put it on my second build and after completing it,it wouldnt boot up and kept restarting it every 3-4 ish secs then i started to trouble shoot made sure every psu cable was connected made sure the psu cable was connected good took out a ram stick and booted it up and then started to stay on a bit longer but still wouldnt boot up so i put it back in and took out the other one and put back the other one in and then the motherboard started to flash orange since it has a orange led keep in mined its the same parts just different case and never had an issue with it at all and btw the cpu was oc to 4.8 ghz o and btw i dont know if the f panel is connected right cause i kinda forgot how to but i did power led + and the power led - then i did power switch top row in the same order i just said
Then bottom row i did hdd +- and then i did reset stwitch

heres an example of wat it does