Help !! PhysX Affair.


Apr 9, 2008
Hi Guys.

I haven't post in sometime now, due to my change of job. I posted while i work, but now it is blocked. Dang.
I keep up when im at home.

Sorry if i ever trolled your post.

Now, i got my eye on those Ageia Cards. Don't tell me their useless, they aren't. If been reading alot this weeks and they are nifty. And they can become even better in the future. The thing is.....they don't sell in Spain. Or Portugal.

Iv'e tried every store and E-Tailer that have some fame here, and every one told me:

- Wuts dat ?
- We have no idea what that is, not our suppliers.

I saw them today in newegg for 68$. I almost had a burst of Righteous Rage at work. Like women. But imagine on 130 kg beast ready to rip some heads apart. Oh well.

Can anybody here in this forums, help a fellow enthusiast out, and show some light or some E-Tailer that ships to Spain ?
I've drained all my contacts for the exception of 2. And even those two i don't have much faith.

Can you Guys lend a hand please ?



Mar 27, 2008
im not to sure about any stores around where your at sorry about that.
But you do no right you can dedicate nvidia cards for physx. (requirements are 8 series or higher and must have 256mb+) i bought a 9600gso last wk for 25$ and im using it for physx while my 2 gtx260 in sli render everything else. remember only games supporting physx will take advantage of it


Apr 9, 2008

Yeah, i know, but the list is getting bigger.

And i have a Ati Card. Can't Have CCC and Forceware on the same system (Vista 64). Or else i would have bought a g86 or something like that.

+ = HW support
- = SW support

+Cellfactor Combat Training
Duh, yeah...

+Cellfactor Revolution
Free download here thanks to cantankerous for the link
Download also here from Ageia's website
Support hardware and software acceleration, don't think I need to say more about this one

Subtle hardware physx effects, personally I like the fact that just about any dev could add effects, I mean not every titles need heavy physics engine.For example a racing game could have extra physx options to add more sparks and have them bouncing with particules.

Uses physx engine for physic, unlike previous version this time the engine will not sit on top on havoc, supposed to be utilised from the ground up.Public beta is available.

+B.O.S Blood Sport
Nice FPS not your UT2K4 but still nice, need newest patch though for the physx effects which are hardware accelerated, nice arcade effects, it's like getting chocolate and nuts for free on an ice cream cone.

+B.O.S Sahara blood
Same as blood sport but with some nicer levels, otherwise, very same thing.Hardware accelerated effects again.

+B.O.S Black-out Saigon
Same as blood sport and sahara, but include new foliage effect, explosion radius effect and cloth, worth checking out!

This one doesn't need introduction, ppu support, beta is open and free

+Unreal Tournament 3
Demo is out on Fileplanet! Thanks to SuperPC

+Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX Mod
Two maps with destructible environment, 360MB download

+Shadowgrounds Survivor
Thanks to Paolo, this game is a revamp of a classic top down shooter with multi-player, physx software and hardware support.

+Stoked Rider Alaska Alien
The demo is sooo limited it's hard to find any positive thing about this game.Anyway, the game is hardware physx accelerated.

+Empire Above All
Evolution of real-time strategy continues. Action-RTS "Empire above all" blends traditional features of the genre with tactical and arcade elements for an immersive, dynamic, intellectual gameplay.

Very good puzzle game using physx software/hardware engine and nvidia's hardware effects like HDR and deferred shading, don't let the "freeware" tag scare you, this is high quality independant software.

Again another puzzle game, similar to Cubophobia, using software/hardware physx engine the full version is supposed to include 5 physx hardware only exclusive levels.So far the demo is promising.

+Fallen Earth
MMORPG, Fallen Earth is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2154. Within the Grand Canyon Province, an isolated pocket of settlements around one of the world's most amazing landmarks, you'll face threats to mankind's continued survival, from irradiated zones to mutated beasts to raiders. Six factions struggle for dominance in the province. Over time, you'll have the chance to pick a side in the effort to hold sway over what remains of the post-Fall world.

+City of Villains
MMORPG game using physx, cryptics added more support in recent patches, more particules when using powers specially, actually they managed to make this game faster on machine with ppu, between 35-45% depending if you have a single or dual core machine.Some instances use ppu for physics, like car destruction for example.This game is probably the first title that offers frame rate improvement.

+Auto Assault
MMORPG this game packs tons of phyx effects!And it really adds to the immersion, gameplay won't be affected after all it's effects, but just like HDR, blur effect, anti-aliasing etc... It really adds to the environment, specially when blowing stuff up is the essence of this game, this game is the perfect example of how physx effects can enhance a game title. Game has been discontinued as of 31/08/2007

+Hero's Journey
MMORPG It is slated for a 2007 release. However, play testing will ultimately determine when HJ is ready to go.

MMORPG FPS beta stages.

+Winterheart's Guild
Winterheart’s Guild is a post-apocalyptic action-RPG. The setting is a harsh, brutal Earth, after the destruction of civilization at its technological peak.

FPS multiplayer oriented, with destructible environment, still in beta phase.

+Medal of Honor: Airborne
1st person shooter known for its continuing serie, classic world war setting, very nice looking game always been the rival to Call of Duty.This one uses PhysX library with support for hardware.Demo can be found here

RPG, thanks to Caffeinated, this game has physx effects with hardware support, there is a demo also but available only in french, hence the french website version link.Retail version is out but in french version also.Just like CoH-CoV this game uses the ppu for particules.

FPS support physx hardware.The demo is out.

+Ultra Tubes
Racing game, well sort of...Uses hardware physx many video provided on the website.

+The Desert Diner
Tech demo kinda, just like Cellfactor Combat Training, in this one you get to duke it out around a Mexican truck stop.Basically a Cellfactor mod.

+Lost Survivor
HL1 mod supporting PhysX hardware and software

+Two Worlds
RPG, uses physx as engine, some are reporting hardware support improve your gameplay "a la" Silverfall, I haven't played the game, if someone has more details please share.

+Monster Madness
Top side shooter, multiplayer, toon gothic theme.Beautifull game, use of PhysX to render more particle on screen.If someone has more details please share.

+Adrenaline Rush Hour 2 or
Arcade racing game with dynamic physics, one interesting point, this game use audio streaming from actual russian stations.There is a demo on the original website if you dare search and translate.

+RubuX Wrapper
Physx wrapper for Blitz3D, demo can be found on the left side of webpage, interesting demo, btw much better than Ageia's box demo.

+Magic Ball 3
Brick clone game, support hardware and sotftware PhysX.Demo is available on their website, thanks to SuperPC for finding this little gem.

Small but very entertaining game, smart use of applied physics, worth a look.

Puzzle game where you drive liquid from A to B.Read included PDF to install.

+Dark Physics
Add Dark Physics to DarkBASIC Professional and you can harness the awesome capabilities of the AGEIA PhysX™ processor directly.

+Thinking Particles 2.5
Release 2.5 is a full-blown rule-based particle system for 3ds Max, with Ageia PhysX card support.

A joint project featuring technology transferred from the serious computer games industry aims to develop a low-cost, high-performance physics-based software product for the visualisation and simulation of complex manufacturing systems in a range of industries.

+Liquid Pack
Plug-in for LightWave with PPU support

+Codeplay Sieve C++ Parallel Programming System
It is a scalable programming system aimed at those who need to create C++ code suitable for use on a multi-core processing environment.

+SIMNOS Robot Simulator
This simulation replicates the large numbers of degrees of freedom and general composition of the real robot and it has been created using Ageia PhysX, which provides a scalable, highly stable, soft real-time physics engine on desktop PCs and gaming platforms.

+Atomic Bowling
+PhysX Breakout
+Crash Tester
+Food Frenzy
+Pool Table
+Rolling Fury
+Run And Gun
+The grand machines
+World Demo
Demo for PhysX competition, there is a downloadable demo.

+St-Valentine Screensaver
A PhysX Hardware supported screensaver.

+Nuclear Hamster
Independant PhysX hardware supported game.

+Crazy Machine 2
Thanks to Paulo Narciso for pointing out, this is a 3D version of the original title, available fall 2007, with full HW support.German demo

+SOFTIMAGE | XSI 3-D modeling
Real-time interactivity will increase with XSI v.5.0 by taking advantage of AGEIA's state-of-the-art physics simulation engine for rigid body dynamics and high-precision actual-shape collision handling. In addition, Softimage plans to offer support for hardware-accelerated simulation using the AGEIA PhysX processor.

+EMotion FX
A real time next generation Character Animation SDK with PhysX integation.

+Vision Engine 6.0
Trinigy´s powerful Vision 3D Game Engine is a cutting-edge technology powering numerous Game Titles and Serious Games Applications in Europe, Asia and America

Saber Interactive's game engine.

+Eclipse Engine
Bioware's game engine.

Development tools and engine.
-Fork Particle Studio
An authoring application for particle systems.

-FerReel Animation labs
Incorporates AGEIA PhysX as a rigid body solver to enhance speed and capability of Blast Code MOAB

A hair solution plug-in for 3ds Max.

-Granny 3D
A complete system for adding 3D geometry and animations into your game quickly and easily.

-Particle Flow Tools Box#2
A set of operators for Particle Flow for fragmentation/fracturing and dynamic collision simulation in particle systems.

-Rail Simulator
Rail Simulator will bring the railways to life for everyone from the casual train fan to the dedicated enthusiast.Thanks to kenoverby for the link.

Physics, puzzle, action game based on Unreal 3 engine with software PhysX support.They have a downloadable demo.

-Gears of War
Based on UT3 this title uses Ageia's PhysX engine, no support for hardware yet.

FPS Shooter, with swappable teamates, horror backed by Clive Barker.Uses physx libs for easier transition to consoles.

A FPS driving game, in continuous development.Demo can be downloaded.

-B.A.S.E. Jumping
Dive into an extreme experience of absolute freedom! The new computer game "B.A.S.E." offers you the opportunity to experience the awesome thrill of freefall, to witness the adventure of overcoming indomitable air elements.

-Gothic 3
RPG "a la" Oblivion, lots of patches, riddled with bugs at release, it's getting there slowly.

-The Stalin Subway
3D action game.

-Dusk 12
FPS, could someone translate details and tell me if this one support hardware too?

-Gluk'Oza: Action
Action game, 3D iso-view game, a cute one.

-Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
This new adventure of Sherlock Holmes rises to the challenge of being entirely in 3D, while the creators have retained the traditional adventure game 'point & click' mechanic, in which the game is played solely with the mouse. The use of full 3D allows for an immersive experience, with changing game rhythm and additional enigmas and puzzles using physics and light.

RTS based on D&D themes, hardware support was dropped for an early release, patches never included HW PPU support.

-Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends
Just like Dragon Shard hardware support was dropped, patch never was released, still planned.

-The Show
RTS utilizing PhysX and Trinigy engines, demo available, good luck digging, I lost the link

PhysX engine on top of HL2 leve design, FPS with dinos...

-Myst Online: URU Live
Online version of the game, uses physx libs, hardware support was set to be added later this year in the game but as with any mmo, it's a long developement road

-Joint Task Force
Very nice RTS using physx engine, sadly devs didn't hook the api to the card, but the word on their forums is it may happen in a futur patch.

-Paragraph 78
Very nice FPS, worth playing.

-Gunship Apocalypse
Kind of a "remake" of Decent.This game uses physx engine software, not hardware.

-Crazy Machines II
Just found this title which uses physx engine, supposed to be out, no demo yet.

OSX titles using Ageia's PhysX SDK

Mac OS X-native game development engine Unity uses PhysX for its physics engine, for example. OTEE CEO David Helgason said that his company has actively developed and continued to refine the PhysX SDK for use with Unity and Mac OS X.
-Age of Empires III
-Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

A lot of people are giving Ageia a hard time about teh whole "hardware acceleration" thing even more lots of website are calling the card a "video card".Or simply giving a bad review on the fact that you don't get to see the effect all over the place in game title x, y or z.The same was said about anti-aliasing and small effects which are very common in gaming today.Small details left and right makes the whole thing better...

I do like the fact that you don't have to own the card to play a certain titles, not everyone have a 500$+ SLi rig for example, not everyone play games with HDR on, let the physx effects or physics be available software/hardware, on/off.Having a game require the hardware is bad for everyone including Ageia, everyone remember the whole debacle around Cellfactor.Truth is I'm sure the game could be played on my system without clothes and liquid effects at a reduced resolution but if I'm willing to pay the entry fee to physx hardware and get the whole thing at 1680x1050 more power to me!!!

Console games using PhysX engine:

-Gears of War (XBOX 360)
-Roboblitz (XBOX 360)
-Red Steel (Wii)
-Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire (PS3)
-GRAW (XBOX 360)
-GRAW 2 (XBOX 360)
-Rainbow Six Vegas (XBOX 360 & PS3)
-Monster Madness (XBOX 360)
-SplinterCell: Double Agent (XBOX 360)
-Hour of Victory (XBOX 260)
-Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii)
-Jericho (XBOX 360 PS3)
-Mass Effect (XBOX 360)
-BladeStorm (XBOS 360 PS3)
-Beowulf (XBOX 360)

But well.


Apr 9, 2008
But thanks for helping and bumping my post, if anybody can see it. And help me.

I got a fixation for it. And the mecanic are quite interesting. Might more future proof that my current 4850.


Mar 27, 2008
no problem for the bumping lol.
you might want to use google. i hear some people able to use physics on there ati cards. might want to check it out.


Jul 7, 2008
i know you have your heart set on the physx man, but i think you might want to reconsider it... the MINIMAL..i repeat...

THE MINIMAL eye candy that you do see is nice. but is forgotten within MINUTES. so really, rethink of it. its like changing the desktop picture on your computer... its nice to see, but you can careless otherwise. doesn't improve your performance much as far as im concerned


Apr 9, 2008

As ive read, many games that aren't on that list off load physics to ageia ( with a PPU installed) instead of the CPU. It just rumours of course, because the guys from big benchamarking (Toms, Anand and others) made a blind eye to the subject.

They talked and talked but the subject was partially forgotten. I for other hand want to check it out for myself.
Using the same CPu/GPU to use it, it isgoing to lower your perfomance. It is like any other effect (FSAA for example) that you activate.

You need another CPU/GPU/PPU dedicated for it. I like ATI. Call me a fanboy. I upgrade mildly (last one from a X850 to a 4850) so i take my time upgrading and i seldomly mistaken when to upgrade. I think, and already told in this forums several times, that physics (whatever encarnation) will be the future of gaming. Adding realism to gaming.

Graphically, it becomes somewhat frightning what is already being achieved. Now, lets take the next step.
Don't worry. If i get my ageia ( i forsee a hard fight for it until december, i can't find it nowhere) i will post here a long home brewed bench over it.

Thanks for the bump once more !!!



Apr 9, 2008

yes i know those exist, but i want a separate PPU for it. I don't want to lose performance, i wish to gain it.


Jul 7, 2008
ok i see where your coming from... but ati does have its own physics engine... called havok, fallout 3 uses it, and i think half-life does too

by far, half-life has the best physics that i have ever encountered from any game. your right it does make a huge difference... try going from half-life to s.t.a.l.k.e.r. shadow of chernobyl... it was near impossible for me because stalker has no physics, its laughable.... so i understand what your saying, but you shouldn't have to choose ageia. havok is great as it is, and i BET half those games still has an [enable physics] option that ati cards can support... i know city of heroes/city of villains does, of course it has a separate [enable ageia physics] as well, but its nothing spectacular... you see papers moving around and you can kick rocks. whoop-dee-doo...but guess what? its for ageia, but works absolutely fine on my ati card...

if thats the kinda physics your looking for, you can find that garbage anywhere... the physics worth mentioning is the kind that can actually change your gameplay, something maybe like half-life, fallout 3? i bet l4d will have it too... im actually building up anticipation for it....

sorry for the mini-rant, but im basically trying to say that amd/ati's havok physics engine is perfectly fine in running physics[even the eye-candy kind]... i have yet to see gameplay changing physics thats available in half-life though...[god i love that game]


Apr 9, 2008

I do agree with your mini rant. And im actually expecting that gameplay physics would come mainstream soon, thus the Ageia.

Even if it is weak, it is a dedicated PPU. Witch frees up resources (CPU/GPU) to improve framerate.

A killer NIC and realtek do basicaly the same functions, but due to the NPU on the Killer NIC, loads of resources in spefic application are freed. And lag is reduced.

I just want a entry-level solution to my rig. Anybody with a 500$ SLI shouldn't worry much about an Ageia card.
Somebody liek me with a 4850 on the other hand...might sound a good investment.
Btw, you don't know nobody in Spain that can sell me one ? or Ship it to Spain ?