help picking a new OC mobo + ram + cpu


Jun 22, 2007
current specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
Corsair 512mb DDR 400 + ?? 512mb DDR 333
HIS Radeon HD 3850
WD 250GB SATA3.0
NEC DVD-Burner
Apevia X-Plorer
Rosewill 600W PSU
Windows XP

Im looking for a new overclocking motherboard to buy. I am on a budget of around $250, this is for the CPU + RAM + mobo. I want to be able to overclock my cpu to at least 3GHz. So this is what i have so far.

intel c2d e4300 $130
crucial ballistix $69

That comes out to be $200 total for cpu and ram itself :/.

can anyone recommend me a good overclockin motherboard that i can work around with? If you can recommend me a good cpu and ram with it, that would be good too. I just want a motherboard to start working around with.


yes i know i get what i pay for. so the motherboard won't be top of the line but it will be good enough. I dont need Crossfire or SLI, just a motherboard with at least 4 USB ports and no older than a P35 chipset. I just need a build that will last me until winter of 2009.

i also have a friend that may be willing to sell his mobo + cpu for around $200. good deal?
its a DFI Blood Iron + intel c2d e4300 already overclocked to 3ghz but won't be selling his ram to me.
His brother might also sell his and its a ABIT p35-e + intel c2d e4300 w/o ram.

are they good deals or should i go for something else? if they aren't good deals, what would be a price that would make it a good deal?


Jun 28, 2006
I've been researching similar, so I have a quick answer.
E2200 for $95 at should overclock to maybe 3.0GHz on stock HSF.
Abit AB9 QuadGT for $117 at which overclocks well ( ). What I really like is AutoDrive ( ) which lets you overclock only on programs that need it.
This leaves $38 for RAM. G.SKILL 2x1GB DDR2-800 for $47 at looks good