Question Help picking HDD used for storing all my data

Oct 14, 2020
For the past weeks I've been looking at many different drives to purchase for a raid 1 usage. The drives will be used to store ALL my data. That includes: Pictures, Videos, Movies, Music collection, and other important data. I will mainly use the drive for playing a lot of music and watching movies and occasionally to view old videos and pictures, the drive would have to run everyday avg 5h. The plan is to upgrade from my "Seagate Barracuda ST4000DM004 256MB 4TB" to an 8TB drive.
I was first looking at the "WD Red WD80EFAX 256MB 8TB" with a price at $230. I later found a very similar drive "WD Gold WD8004FRYZ 256MB 8TB", at the exact same price point and to me it appears to be better. Here I'm unsure which would be the better choice, I've heard that GOLD is the superior color. I'm also starting to doubt if an 8TB drive is really what I need... I took a look at the 14TB drives and found the "WD Gold WD141KRYZ 512MB 14TB" at a price starting at $400 and thought that I might as well get that one instead? It appears to have better specs than the 8TB GOLD with less power consumption. 14TB sound to a lot to me, but I intend to use this drive for many years and it would eventually fill up. I've read about large drive having more platters, and than being a bad thing compared to the smaller sized drives so I'm not sure if this 14TB is the right choice either. I also took a look at another 14 TB drive "WD Red Pro WD141KFGX 512MB", this drive sells for $580, I thought that the RED drives would be worse than the GOLD. Taking a look at the specs e.g the higher priced RED drive have an URE of "1 by 10^13" while the GOLD has an URE of "1 by 10^15" coming in at a lower price? The pricing of the different products is what makes me unsure if one is really better than the other or not.

I will be using my Icy Box IB-RD3620SU3 to have the 2 new drives I plan to purchase running raid 1, should I have worries about that? As the years go buy I hope to eventually put these drive into a NAS.
Any tips or recommendations of what I should do, or if you have other drives that you recommend it would be very helpful. Never new It would be this hard to find a new HDD.


Mar 16, 2013
First off, a RAID 1 is not a method for data security.
It is only for uptime. It does noting for the more common forms of data loss. Ransomware, corruption, accidental deletion.

This data is better protected with a regular, automated backup routine.

For a single user system like this, comparing different drives is delving too far down into tenths of a percentage point differences of 'fail'.
WD Red, Gold, Seagate Barracuda, Toshiba...except for a couple of specific drives a few years ago, they are ALL quite similar in fail rate.

Now...if you had a fleet of 1,000 drives, the fail rate might make a difference.