Help picking new mobo cpu and psu to go with the gpu and ram I have.


Nov 19, 2014
I want to make sure the parts I picked are compatible and the power supply will work for a future 2nd gtx 970. Im not familiar with power supplies and need to know a good brand and what wattage to use for the gaming pc im building.

GIGABYTE Z97x-sli or
Msi Z97S SLI Plus
Probably pick the msi to keep the same brand going unless the brand doesn't make a difference and I can find a better price on one or the other.

Cpu. Intel Core i7-4790K $339 or Intel Core i5-4690K $239, not a cpu expert but they seem to be the most popular cpus out now. Can any one tell me the difference in performance?

Psu. ??? I was thinking a 850w corsair. I want to make sure im buying parts that are reliable and don't want to buy something "cheap" just to save some money. Id like them to last as long as possible . What major brand would you recommend?

I have a msi gtx 970 and plan on picking up another one at some point for sli. I also have 4 sticks of 4gb ripjaw x ram. Everything Will fit in my case with a ton a extra room for upgrades down the road.

Thank for any help. I hope I picked the right decent parts.
If this a gaming build then the I5 4690k would be fine no need for I7 4790k but if you have enough cash then you can get the I7 to make the system more future proof.

A 750 watt would be enough for 2x gtx 970 SLI i would recommend to get the EVGA G2 750 watt PSU modular tier 1 PSU 80+ gold and 10 years of warranty if you want to go with corsair then go with HX,TX,AX models only.

And between the 2 boards i will pick the Gigabyte Z97x SLI.

Edit : if you go with corsair then go with the mentioned models only, and with Antec go with the high current gamer model only the Bronze , gold ,platinum and titanium are power efficiency rating they doesn't define quality like 80+ bronze is upto 85% power efficient 80+ gold is upto 90% efficient and 80+ platinum is upto 95% power efficient quality wise all are same.


Dec 7, 2012
Currently, you will not see much difference in i7-4790k vs i5 4690k in gaming performance. There aren't many games that takes advantage of hyper-threading, except for one I know is battlefield 4. If you can afford the i7, you will be much future proofed. However, there is not much gain in having one now (word "now") for gaming alone. Obviously i7 is great for video editing or doing multi-tasks while gaming.

The king of all PSU brands = Seasonic
Other highly reputable brands : XfX , Corsair and Antec. I would even include EVGA here.
Make sure the psu you buy is at least 80+ bronze certified. I personally don't buy anything else than 80 + Gold certified. Highest of em all is platinum.
And yes 850watts is more than enough for 2 times GTx 970 setup.

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 is an awesome board.

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