Dec 25, 2012
Hi everyone I am torn between two options on what to buy. I either am going to get the HD 7850 graphics card or the intel i5 3570. I only play starcraft and stream it but I don't know whether I want more fps or more cores for streaming so that it is smoother. Any suggestions?

My current specs include:
intel i3 2120
hd 6670
asrock b75m-DGS mobo
4 gb ram
530w 80+ bronze psu
3570K ---> because your mobo is b75m, much more suited to i3
moving from i3 to i5 has negligible gain from GAME. i5's 4 cores will benefit you in professional software

7850 is absolutely yesss, even you might want to pick 7870 instead for further fps gain

if you still want i5, go for cheaper 3470 :)
i believe some games depend more on CPU, like this one