Help please building an Intel i5 2500 system


Apr 30, 2007
Hi there....
Here is a true gamer...but not too crazy lol............

Would you please help me build a system based on Intel 2500 i5 (not the 2500k...I never overclock and I will not) ?

1.I would prefere a P67 Gigabyte MB...What to choose ? a reliable solid one from feedback,woudl like the best one but not too crazy . PCI-E 16x for one graphic card , faster performance...never bother with OC features...

2.I also want a high-end graphic card ... 560 TI or 570 ? defenitly would not overclock anything or use SLI ... Just one card..Also reliable and stable high-end card
I always loved Gigabyte graphics ... But some bad user reviews about few days failure is worrying me about the Gigabyte 570

3.Will it make a change between DDR3 1333 and 1600 ? what to pick and what brand ? I hear that Gigayte only accepts 1.5v...please also point me to a specific option 2x2GB or 2x4GB .. what latency would also be ok with Gigabyte mobo ?

4.Should I pay more for a 10k hard drive or stick to classic 7200 rpm hard drives ?

5.Please point me to a real good PSW of at least 700w to power the system....

:p Thanks alot




Asrock is better because Gigabyte boards don't have true USB 3.0, they only claim they have but it was pointed out a while ago and i think they admitted it.

You don't need a P67 since you won't be overclocking. Get an H67 instead.

G. SKill ripjaws 8gb

Stick to the classic 7200rpm. Samsung SpinpointF3

No OC, no SLI, no anything.
A 500w can easily power up the GTX 570. If you want to be sure then get a 600w but you won't need it. You don't need 700w




Jun 19, 2011
First of all, List your budget at least...

1: Z68 is a better choice, IDK why but it just is so just go with it...
2: If your a heavy gamer at 1920x1200 or 1920x1080, than this video is for you!!!
3: Different between 1333 and 1600 is a BIG different but anything above 1600MHz isn't a big different until it reaches over 2400MHz+
4: You should get the classic 7200RPM drive because after 7200RPM, you go straight to SSD(For Gamers choice is either 7200 RPM or SSD or both), 10k RPM isn't as good as SSD but also good for storage+speed+price awhile SSD is just speed for price...(10k RPM HDD is for you if you have games and all those other stuff like 10k music or 100k photo or 100 Videos)
SSD: or bigger storage(Get Vertex 3 for 6GB/s)


Jun 19, 2011

I Thought it was about PCI-E 3.0, not USB 3.0??? It was about True PCIe 3.0 not True USB 3.0?... Ehhhhh..... Im confused as it been awhile back that i forgot about which one it is?