Help Please. DVD Drive Clicking


Jan 13, 2012
Hey Guys i just bought a Rig from a friend and everything works fine except the DVD Drive

He thought the drive just needed to be replaced so I replaced it with one that did work and it still has a problem.

When I press eject as if i were to put a disc in, I get a clicking noise. If I put a disc in and close the tray, Windows Locks up on me pretty bad Untill I eject the Disc.

It also does this if I just open and close the Tray with no disc in. It freezes longer if there is something actually in the drive

I have all Up to date drivers and everything else on the PC works fine. Control Panel System detects the DVD Drive. I am able to pull up his old movies and his games from the Harddrive just fine.The only problem is when i try to insert a Disc( I tried installing some of my other games)

Im not at home but off the top of my head my specs are

Phenom ii 965 (3.40) Quad
8GB DDR3 1600 Ripjaws
550watt PSU
Antech Full tower with (6) 88mm fans and (1) 120mm fan

Ive re-fastned all SATA cables, checked if CPU cables are on tight as well. I think one problem is my PSU is too low and I may need a stronger one. Please tell me what you guys think.
You could be right, about the PSU thing. try a bigger PSU if you can afford it. but i'd check the SATA ports to see if they are faulty. Even they everything is recognized the SATA ports on your mobo could be bad. if you switched out the drives and the issue is still occuring then its another component relating to the issue


I don't think its the PSU. If opening a DVD drive is too much for it, you would have instability at other times too.

You said you've tried a different DVD drive with the same results? And you've tried a different SATA cable? The clicking noise comes from the DVD Drive or somewhere else?

Does your motherboard have more than one SATA controller? Try a different SATA port and if your board has another controller, try a different SATA port on another controller.

Check the motherboard's drivers to make sure they are up to date by going to the manufacturer's website and downloading them.