Help Please: HD 4570, P8600 OR HD4650,Turion-X2


Jun 27, 2009
Hi All,
This is my first post, as i have just joined :)

Please help me in solving this query. I have shortlisted 2 laptops (based on availability in India)..

HP-1110: AMD Turion-X2 RM-74 (dual core) processor (that mean 1 MB L2 only) + 1 GB ATI HD 4650 Graphics Card

2) Dell Studio 15: Core 2 Duo P8600 (3MB L2) + 512 MB ATI HD4570

Both have almost the same price, both 4 GB RAM.

As far as i understand, for HP Graphics card is much better
and for Dell, Processor is much better..! I am not able to make a decision here..! Please help me with the facts...!

My main use of laptop would be playing games (CS, Quake4, COD4, Crysis, Race Grid) and online media streaming and watching movies. I have this question from a very long time, and too much of research online also could not give satisfactory answer.
which is better, high end Graphics + mediocre Processor
or mediocre graphics card + high end processor..! :eek:


Feb 5, 2009
you wont be playing crysis, maybe horribly low EVERYTHING for some frames (maybe grid... (nothing about these systems is high end by the way) especially if you plan on vista,
read this, might help
now my opinion is that you should go with an nvidia chip, but since this is not an option, you should take video card preference over processor, since processor specs are .... kind of proc is way faster though...meh, good luck


Jan 27, 2009
If you only use your PC for games then go for GPU but if you use the PC for other things than a faster CPU will be ideal, although that C2D 8600 is a great processor and i myself would probably go for the CPU and just play game at lower settings since it will also save on power. I would guess the AMD option with better graphics might use more power and lessen battery life.