Question HELP Please. Laptop suddenly shut off while playing CSGO

Oct 23, 2019
So I have just reapplied the thermal paste in my laptop(MSI gp60 2pe). It was running fine. It has been 1 day since I changed the thermal paste and I decide to play some CSGO. while playing, my laptop suddenly shuts off with no warning. The power brick light blinks when turned on and connect but stays solid when turned in but not connected to the laptop. My laptop has no battery. It doesnt turn on. Is there something wrong with my power brick, outlet, or motherboard? I also use the laptop to do homework so i need it fixed quick. I would actually get depression if the motherboard dead. Thank you on advance.

Random info:
Csgo runs well.
Highest cpu temperatures is about 75 to 80 celcius(highest temperature before thermal laste change was 99 celcius).
I use throttle stop to undervolt the laptop about 24milivolts(I think).

Edit: I just noticed the power cord makes a clicking sound when the light blinks.
The power cord works on a different laptop so I think something is wrong with the motherboard but I am not sure. I also just realized the power cord is a lower wattage than the laptop requires.
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