--- HELP PLEASE! --- massively frustrating problem


Oct 5, 2006
I've been a reader for quite a while but have not posted until now.

I someone on the forums suggesting one use the Black Viper tips to remeove alot of the useless startup services that run on Windows (I have Windows Media Center Edition for my laptop). Anyways I find the Black Viper list, disable alot of stuff, and restart my comp. When the comp boots up, it's working fine. I used the internet at this time (could me disabling a security service or something let a virus or something into my comp?)However, I then remembered that I forgot to disable the Bluetooth service (which I don't use) from starting up. So I go to services.msc to disable it, and then restart the comp to check if its ok

When I log in, explorer.exe isn't running and I have to use CTRL + ALT + DELETE to do everything. I of course enable most of the services again to see if that's the problem, but explorer.exe still dosen't start up. I've tried starting it manually using RUN from CTRL + ALT + DELETE but it dosen't work.

This is an extraordinarily frustrating problem, as I just got my computer a month ago.

Can anyone please help?


Jun 29, 2004
hmm. im not sure
a simple repair of windows should fix the problem though
i had a similar problem once. i repaired windows