Question Help please, no video on monitor

Feb 15, 2020
Hello, i have an issue which i really hope i can fix, today, i arrived home from a long time, i went to my PC, which is using 3 monitors with nVidia surround, when i went to the monitor settings, by clicking on the monitor buttons to increase the brightness on 1 screen, the other screens went off, and now i dont have video on my PC , the PC seems to boot according to the beep , but no video input.

I have noticed that my GPU appears on the device manager, but hidden, when i go to Resources , it says "This device isnt using any resources because it has a problem"

Can anyone help me please
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what is your psu power name and model and uninstall all driver from system then remove it and put back gpu in with only 1 monitor but not the one you did paly with brigthness see if you have video then do same teast with the 2 others monitor and see withc one cut video out it might have to be reset to factory settings .