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Jun 26, 2019
Greetings to all Internet users and users of this great forum, by means of this I request you to be kind enough to help me with a problem of installation of Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System 64 bits on an HP brand PC model 280 G3 SFF of Reduced Form with Processor I7 of Eighth Generation with 3.2 GHz and 8GB of RAM.
The PC that I mention I have to install Windows7 for Programs or softwares that are not compatible with Windows 10. Under information and research in
forums, YouTube channels and Internet pages I had to use Windows 7 with pre-installed drivers USB 3.0 ports to which I had to use a 4GB USB Kingston to record with boot sequence or start the mentioned system.

In the installation of the Operating System Windows 7 allows to partition and format but when restarting on demand the installation system appears the option of adding name to the computer and network, this is where the keyboard and Mouse are disabled, not allowing me to complete with the installation.

The Hard Disk of this PC is of the Western Digital 1 TB brand, I have also removed the mentioned hard disk to another PC but in a similar way I can only format, partition but when continuing the installation of load or copy of records it only remains in 1%, it is necessary to indicate that it does not deactivate the keyboard or the mouse.

I reiterate my request please to solve or solve this installation problem.

I appreciate your kind attention, help and prompt response.
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The problem is that 8th generation i7 CPUs use 300 series motherboards. Those motherboards are not designed for Windows 7. Since this is an HP H370 motherboard, you probably will not be able to find drivers for that motherboard. If HP had drivers for that motherboard for Windows 7 you would have to add them into the installation media to keep the keyboard working. I don't believe you will be able to find the necessary drivers.
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